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Jadeite Wallet

The Jadeite Wallet is made with a limited edition, distressed, marbleized lambskin, robust elastic, and durable canvas.

The wallet is double-stitched for extra reliability and rigorously checked for quality before shipping.

Our signature minimalist construction eliminates bulk, fits everything you need, and slides effortlessly into the tightest pocket.

Product measures 2.25 by 2.75 inches (W5.7cm x H7.0cm). Handmade in the USA by local craftsmen and artisans. 

Made in the USA.


Laser Engraving on TGT Wallets from Jack Sutter on Vimeo.

Slim wallet for your front pocket made of leather and elastic, by TGT (Tight). from Jack Sutter on Vimeo.



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